A Bridge Over: The Story of John Masters

“I leant over and told him I was going on my own. I said I’d come back for him. I could see the pain and shock and a look that told me he thought I was leaving him to die. Like huh, white officer leaving me. I wasn’t a Gurkha officer.”

A Bridge Over: The Story of John Masters by Allan Marriott


  • the book gets to where the rubber starts to hit the road…over the terrible by-product of herbicide spraying in Vietnam
  • describes in riveting detail Masters’ rescue of a Gurkha soldier under fire during the Indonesian Confrontation in 1965
  • what makes it different to most books about great leaders is that this one reveals the lot, warts and all…it holds nothing back
  • an outstanding biography…if interested in leadership then be sure to read this one
  • the book brings out, clearly and rightly, the heavy toll upon family as John struggled to attain his goals so unselfishly on behalf of others…
  • a story of guts and determination, compassion and integrity, a story I commend to all

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